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Gymboss Timer Review

Did you ever hear of interval training? interval sessions entails doing an exercise for a set period of time followed by a certain period of rest for lots of sets (intervals).

This type of exercise is very good for fat reduction and getting fit speedily. It may be tough, very hard indeed to perform this type of training but it is upto the individual to train to their own level and ability.

For years I made use of a typical stop-watch or clock to time my time intervals. One problem within this is that it takes away from your conditioning session by giving you something else to concentrate on when you really need to be focused the task at hand

So when a close relative of mine gave me a Gymboss Timer as a birthday gift, I was really thrilled. I’d never heard about these neat little gadgets before so was very wanting to give it a shot.

Here’s my Gymboss Timer Review and main points of interest:

There is unlimited selections for interval and rest times

The Gymboss Interval Timer also comes with a stopwatch solution

It’s very easy to run and set up, the suggestions it comes with are good to follow

Really small and can also clip onto your belt in case you are out running.

It vibrates and beeps so that you know when you should begin and quit your interval training workout sets

It’s extremely sturdy, you are able to drop it and it won’t fall apart

The battery lasts for a long time, so you’re not permanently stressing over it perishing upon you in the middle of a crucial fat loss workout

One other great thing about The Gymboss Interval Timer would be that the price is very reasonable for what it can do to your workouts it’s really a no brainer, so go buy gymboss




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