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Build Solar Roof Tiles

The following are a list of pros and cons to help you if you want to build your own solar panels.


•You will enjoy a fantastic DIY project

•You should save money against buying retail solar panels provided you avoid issues (breakages / mistakes in the construction).
• The cost of all the project could become large if you want to plug in your panels to the grid
• You won’t be able build a complete PV system using just the material in course. At least you will need official approval for your system and you may need to hire contractors to help you finish. This will cost and these costs are not clear. That said the course does promise to help you build solar panels and that it does. Connecting them is another matter though.
• A full PV system could still be as expensive as depending on your experience you may cause accidental breakages. You can hire a contractor to help you out or even outsource part of your project.

A diy solar panel project can be a great way to help the environment and save you money. The cost is coming down year on year and the incentives are available to give you a long term return on your investment,


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