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Approved waste management services

what is your waste management requirement? – if you have one, stay on the right side of the law…

Waste management services are concerned with one or more of the following: waste collection; waste disposal; transportation of waste; processing of waste; recycling; and monitoring of waste procedures/volumes. Waste management procedures can also be used to recover resources the waste itself may be in the form of a solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive. The term is usually applied to waste produced by humans.

Who needs waste management – Your Regional government office can help you understand your responsibilities under law. If you would like help with any or all of the below ‘Protect Life’ that can help:




  • Understanding your legal responsibilities as regards Waste management and or health and safety;


  • Devising a waste management strategy for your organisation;


  • Creating a plan for the implementation of waste management policies ;


  • Implementation management of tasks in your waste management approach document;


  • Promotion of waste management policies in your organisation;


  • Management external of specialist organisations and contract cleaning companies so as to achieve smooth compliance of your waste management strategy.



Where to get comprehensive waste management services and 360 degree health and safety products and services. Protect Life supply PPE, Personal, Home safety, Work safety, Health Safety and Protective Training and a wide range of professional health and safety related professional services. e.g. PAT testing, electrical light testing, fire extinguisher testing, emergency preparedness consulting, health & safety consulting, health & safety resource, security solutions and waste collection .

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