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Recent Late 2009 Product Surveys

Teeth can get stained or dark for any number of reasons.  In Western society, many bad influences can prey on our pearly whites.  For one, coffee has been proved to stain teeth dramatically.  Cigarettes also stain teeth very strongly.  Basically anything dark has the potential to mar our teeth.  As Luck Would Have It there is much new applied science to help us keep our teeth looking our best.  One such product is named premium white pro aka dazzle smile.  

Collagen levels in humans lessen steadily as we mature, and there is little we can do about it.  Many have tried to reinvent the wheel and formulate a miracle solution, but very few have actually succeeded with this tall order.  The secret of youth often remains so, with the exception of excessively gimmicky, highly marketed garbage.  One product that makes corresponding high claims is called clear lift ultra, but none of their testimonials can actually be tested.  One would think that with the recent FTC revisions that marketers would ameliorate their ways, but in a money centric world this is rarely the case.

The acai berry has been boasted as the miracle antioxidant that will service everyone lose weight.  Not that this has ever been proven, but there is scant evidence that it is high in antioxidants, and for some reason we are to trust that antioxidant levels are the cure-all for obesity.  For the guys who feel excluded in the heavily marketed acai products which typically cater to females, acai force max fills that void for guys who desire the magic pill.

DISCLAIMER: This posting is based on information widely available publicly online and medical journals that deal with losing weight and/or colons and/or skincare and/or teeth whitening. Nothing contained here is meant to be or should be interpreted to be any sort of medical advice. For medical advice the reader should consult with his or her physician or other medical specialist.

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