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How To Make Money With CPA Networks

Cost Per Action networks let you include advertizements on your web site. When someone clicks any of these ads and then takes an action that the advertiser wants, like buying something or completing an enquiry form, then you get paid.

Easy huh!

The neat thing about cost per action networks as opposed to AdSense is that the payouts tend to be much bigger because the advertizersadvertisers know they are only going to be charged something when they have got a customer registration or made a sale. They really want to motivate website owners to put ads on their sites too so they pay well, secure in the knowledge that they only pay for results.

There are many CPA networks around now and it pays to search for one that has the most relevant ad types for the traffic your sites get. I’ve had some very strong results from one particular Cost Per Action network that I’ve written about elsewhere.

Most CPA networks ask you to sign up via an application form, just like you have to with AdSense and once you’ve got through the process you get given a control panel where you can choose which advertisers you want to advertise. It usually pays to use ads that are relevant to your vistors so you need to work with a CPA network that has a wide range of advertisers as clients.

You then get given some code to ad to your site and insert it into your websites HMTL in order to get appropriate ads displayed. With a number of advertisers you can also include ads in emails which is great if you own a list or two. You can use your autoresponder to do a mail blast and watch the money come in.

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