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My Personal iTouch Review

Here is my personal itouch review. The iTouch is a handheld, touch screen-based device originally released by Apple in September 2007. The ipod Touch or iTouch as most people are calling it, is Apple’s portable media player and Wi-Fi mobile platform. The Apple ipod touch 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB is a whole new way of listening to music its fantastic…

The new 2nd generation iTouch is slimmer, lighter and has a bigger battery for an amazing 36 hours of audio playback. Obviously the battery life depends on how the iTouch is being used and for how long.

The itouch is much slimmer than the iphone, an iPhone look-alike, the iPod touch, was expected with added video, as was the re-vamped nano. Basically, the itouch will be considered better because people can enjoy the benefits of the iphone without compromising their ability to use a phone.

The itouch is a neat thing and has many uses, but does it have enough memory yet? Another thing to consider most people who use flash players, like to use them while exercising, and want to be able to switch songs and volume without having to look at the screen.

The iPod touch features the same revolutionary interface as iphone. Itouch sources tell me Apple does not supply any software with the itouch, all of the content control is via Apple’s itunes software. The WiFi feature of the itouch is a real bonus. While the iTouch is great to read, it is harder to type a lot of text into it. Overall I think the itouch is great and is on the whole quite user friendly.

Be the envy of your friends, with quite possibly the most stylish piece of kit ever to come off the Apple production lines, the itouch price is also quite reasonable, would be nice if Apple provided at least a basic cover in the bundle though. With its great features, it comes with the service of Apple which I think is excellent. I would highly recommend this device to anyone of any age and think that Apple has made a great product here a touch of class, it is very eye grabbing, people want to play with it all the time and above all it’s sexy.

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