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How Door Staff Training Has Changed Venue Safety

SIA training is an integral part of the British. This term of course has been replaced with the name doorman or door supervisor and the old image of big burly men standing outside looking menacing is an image rapidly in decline. In fact, female door staff are actively sought out and recruited as they are deemed a far more friendly face when meeting people into a venue.

With good door supervisor training, the emphasis is on conflict resolution and removing any need for for forceful control to ever be required. In fact, the best form of security is to be aware of any potential problems long before they are ever allowed to develop into anything which can pose a risk to patrons and the door staff.

The raising of standards over the years is because of SIA security training which has been made obligatory for all door staff wanting a career in door supervision. Whilst an initial burden, it does put those people who do get qualified into the very best position to get long term employment in a safe working environment.

The SIA Door supervisor course is available throughout the UK and usually involve a three or four days of training as well as a written examination. Once passed, the participant is able to apply for their SIA badge and subsequently is legally allowed to gain employment either permanently or on a part time basis for one of the thousands of venues requiring their services throughout the United Kingdom.


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