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1 Minute Of Action To Stop Storing Calories Of The Dinner As Body Fat.

What if a simple exercise of 60-90 seconds, caused it to be not as likely that your dessert would get placed as body fat?         That is certainly exactly something Tim Ferriss looks at inside the 4-Hour Body.     

Short Muscular Contractions a short while Before You Eat?     

And so nearly all of you almost certainly know that after a powerful workout, food calories are unlikely to get stored as excess fat.    

A basic explanation is that your muscle tissue tend to be depleted of glycogen and that a great deal of the actual calories you eat at this point simply serve to refuel these depleted muscles.   Some Tips I didn’t know was precisely how minor the stimulus must be to ensure this to take place.   Tim finds that this effect can take place inside 60-90 secs.  

The appropriate exercise done a few moments prior to eating may stimulate food calories to get shuttled to the muscle cells, before it provides a chance to get stored as extra fat. 

Encouraging Insulin to Store Food Energy Into Muscle Cells

What physical exercise does is increase a compound in your body called GLUT-4 (glucose transporter type 4).   Tim explains that physical exercise should encourage insulin to store calories in the muscle cells:

“The more muscular entrance we have open before insulin activates the identical GLUT-4 on the surface of body fat cells, the more we can put calories inside muscle rather than fat”. 

Within The 4-Hour Body, Tim mentions a study which compares the effect of 280 seconds of intensive physical exercise to a 6 hr lower intensity exercising session.   What the actual research found was that 280 secs of intense physical exercise elevated Glut-4 within the muscle by 83%…and 6 hours of lower intensity physical exercise enhanced it by 91%.  

So 280 secs of exercise had almost the identical impact as 6 hours when it comes to increasing GLUT-4 levels.

From 280 Seconds…Down to 60-90 Seconds

So Tim suggests that you keep the pre meal as well as post mealtime physical exercise down to 60-90 seconds.   Your GLUT-4 levels will increase using this volume of physical exercise, nevertheless it will drop down to normal levels soon after 1-4 hours.  Tim suggests doing a minute of exercise before eating and 90 minutes after eating.  Why 1 hour 30 minutes?   He’s found that blood sugar levels being the highest 90 minutes after eating. 

The “Air Squat” is Tim’s Exercise of Choice

Wall Presses & Chest Pulls include the other two exercise that Tim suggests.   These are to be carried out for 30-50 reps.   Despite the fact that can perform 30-50 push ups you will want to stick to wall presses, since you don’t want these pre and post mealtime physical exercises to interfere with your typical workouts.  What Tim calls chest pulls within his book tend to be more commonly known as “Band Pull Aparts”. 

So this is how you avoid storing storing body fat.

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