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How to prepare yourself for the bike race?

These few simple biking tips will set you off to a better and fitter bike race. Check them out!

1. Before you even begin to ride, make sure you know how to perform basic bike repairs before heading out onto a ride. Some tracks can be quite isolated and you may be the only person you can rely on to fix any broken parts on your bike. If you ride with someone, then make sure someone in the group knows how to perform all the basic bike repairs, including fixing a flat tire, derailed bike chain, broken bike chain, or loose/broken spoke. These repairs can be learned from other experienced bike riders, a local bike shop, a good biking book, or the Internet. Let this be your first step!

2. Use new technology available to enhance cycling performance. With GPS information technology you can investigate, monitor and refine your cycling training and racing and make it far more efficient!

It is no longer enough to just ride a lot to produce results. You need to use a feedback on your training to train and ride smarter. Check out Garmin Edge 500 to help you! Ask Garmin Edge 500 fans on Facebook how it helps them! Maybe a simpler and cheaper Cateye Strada Wireless will be a better choice? Anything, just do not be left behind the technology advancements!

3. Learn with someone who know more than you! The best way to get better at biking is riding behind riders that have better technical ability than you do. You will learn faster lines, better technique and crucial momentum lessons (when to pedal, brake, etc. that are hard to teach. Get behind a faster rider and hold onto that rear wheel!

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