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Types of travel bags

If you’re a frequent traveler and have clothes that need to be protected then consider carrying them in a special bag designed to keep them wrinkle free and safe from fabric tears.

Consider this variety of bags available for your use. Evaluate them according to your specific needs.

Totes and casual bags – A person seeking for a travel bag that could carry a day’s outdoor need should settle for totes and casual backs. Most of these types are designed to fit the fashion trend without compromising the practicality.

Carry-on luggage – whether it is a bus or an airplane ride, having everything within your reach is made possible by carry-on luggage. This small travel bag can usually measure less than 23 inches in size and can fit in the overhead compartment of the plane or underneath your seat. You can make life easier by getting a rolling garment bag.

Garment bags and carriers – They can measure from 40 to 60 inches in length perfect if you are carrying dresses, suits or clothes on hangers. They can be canvas garment bag and even a wedding dress garment bag for transporting that dress to your special day.

What are the important accessories your travel bag must have?

Locks are sometimes included on a travel bag. If not, you should look for one. Make sure that the locks are durable.

You will never know if someone has the same travel bag that you do so make sure you have luggage tags to prevent confusion.

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