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Taking Care of a Roof Leak

A roof leak is one of the reasons why you would need to have a roofing Atlanta service. You should never let it pass for a long period of time. Things could get so much worse if you let the leaks go unnoticed. You need to take care of the leak immediately and for the meantime do something to alleviate the problem until such time that you can finally contact a roofing Atlanta service to help you fix up the problem for once and for all.

The first thing you need to accomplish is to collect all the water that has leaked and clean the entire area up. Admittedly though, this is the most challenging task that you have to face because this is where you will also be able to see how far the damage can reach. Actually, you should make it a point to start collecting the water as it leaks from your room. It can be a bit unnerving to hear that constant pitter patter coming off the roof straight inside the bucket but on the light side, the amount of water collected can give you some idea how big the damage is.

You should also place a towel around the bucket especially if it is low, to ensure that no splashes would reach your floor. If the leaks happen while it’s raining, it would not be safe to go up and figure out immediately where the problem is. It would be safer to let the rain pass first and once it’s sunny again then have the roof repairs begin. Even those experts on roofing Atlanta would follow such conditions for work because lesser accidents and slipping from there on up can happen.

After the rain and the streets have dried up, it would be safe for you to go up the roof to examine what needs to be examined. Before you contact a roof expert, it would be best to assess the situation yourself first especially if you have been hands-on before when the roof was still being attached. You would know the situation better than anyone else. It might turn out that there really are no major roof replacement to be done but just some re-sealing or re-caulking–things that you can actually accomplish all by yourself.

But if you feel quite uneasy to do the repairs and would like to make sure that there are no other problems that should be fixed up there, you can check out Atlanta roof repair at


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