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How to choose the appropriate Car Subwoofer

There are various kinds as well as sizes of car subwoofers currently available. Although the quality of normal OEM sound gear has increased over the years, you still need some kind of car subwoofers in the speaker system to generate that full sounding bass that the majority of people are fond of when enjoying our home hifi systems.

There are plenty of subs varying in dimensions from 6 inches up to eighteen inches in diameter from many car electronics companies. Sometimes a consumer will obtain a particular brand name subwoofer in the biggest size offered convinced that “bigger” should be “better”. And then after getting it home, they begin to understand that they’ve got no area to dedicate to the box that is necessary, let alone they failed to plan for the proper amplifier they will need to power their huge sub.

Preparing in advance is critical when updating your car sound system using a subwoofer. But it really can be quite satisfying and pleasurable should you follow a couple of basic recommendations. If you’re restricted on available space and simply want much better bass then your regular full-range speaker systems can handle, you then may well consider one of many amplified enclosed subs. These are very easy to add and you can find them available from companies like Boss, Infinity and Bazooka. They’re small six to eight inch subs set up in small enclosures or tubes and they have a basic amplifier incorporated into the unit. Considering that they offer a subwoofer, enclosure and amplifier included into one small box, they should be your least expensive option even while providing the smallest presence in terms of space.

But if you enjoy rap music, popular music or just about any music and songs where you want heavy bass which can vibrate the windows, then you will want to choose individual components. Years ago a customer would need to go with either a sub created for SPL (loudness) or SQ (musical sound quality) and this usually linked to size, however nowadays there are several subwoofers available which are well known for both.

So the first place to start out when shopping for a subwoofer setup should be to establish the quantity of room you intend to devote to your subwoofer enclosure and power amp. You can do this by beginning with smaller sized subwoofers such as 8 inch. Examine their specs and see which kind and size box your selected sub calls for. There are two standard kinds of sub boxes which are sealed and vented. The small sealed sub boxes will likely be smaller then any vented or ported enclosure in the majority of situations. Therefore if you start looking at sealed enclosures you’re going to get the best idea of the minimum amount of space needed. Generally, the bigger the subwoofer, the more air is moved so the more bass is generated.

Your next step would be to see the power requirements of the chosen subwoofer. Just match the advisable power and match it to a power amplifier. Consider the outside dimensions of the amplifier and realize you’ll need a little more space for air circulation and electrical wiring and this would permit you to calculate the area necessary for your entire subwoofer set up.

As you can imagine, even a 12 inch subwoofer and amp set up could take a lot of trunk or hatch space in modern day autos. You’ll find a variety of subwoofers from brands like Alpine, Boss, JL Audio, Kicker, Lanzar, MTX, Pioneer and Rockford Fosgate just to mention a few. Several provide slim mount or shallow mount subwoofers in addition to regular subs. The shallow subs permit mounting in more compact boxes which might be installed behind or under a seat in certain applications.

So you really should not be afraid of your decision making process. There are additional choices to consider such as single or dual voice coil subwoofers and also the benefit of each. Generally speaking a dual voice coil design subwoofer will allow more accommodating wiring choices and this is very important when running 2 or more subs.

Coming from my experience throughout the years, ten inch subwoofers have become the most popular and will provide you a large selection of factory produced subwoofer boxes to choose from. Besides the common sub boxes there are many special fit enclosures designed for specific cars and trucks. When ever you locate a custom-fit application you will see it will save you on room considering they are made to fit directly into areas of wasted space in cars or trucks.

Again, if you follow the simple steps of calculating your allowable space for subwoofer and amplifier before purchasing, you will be much more pleased with the results. Buying car subs can be easy and.

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