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Celiac Disease Depression And Constipation

Though we acknowledge celiac disease might well extend to constipation if not treated by a stringent gluten-elimination diet, many reports now look to suggest that celiac disease can also result in depression.

How precisely? Well that piece isn’t too distinct just yet. We might call the issue celiac depression, but its origins might be from coeliac disease itself, malnutrition resulting from malabsorption deriving from celiac disease or gluten intolerance, or even just the anxiousness and stress people often face while conforming to a gluten-free life-style.

Several researchers think that malabsorption can interfere with the body’s handling of the neurotransmitters which regulate mood. In particular, malabsorption-related deficiencies of tryptophan appear to contribute to depressive disorder within coeliac patients. Tryptophan is all-important for the body’s output of serotonin, which is the central neurotransmitter expected by the body for mood regulation as well as the neurotransmitter which empowers our body’s tolerance of anxiety.

Therefore one must question then if adjusting to a gluten-free diet can aid in treating depression while also minimizing celiac disease symptoms. If the patients clinical depression is affiliated with malabsorption of nutrients, then being gluten-free may ease treatment, as the bowels heal and nutrient assimilation improves.

With most cases, it appears the malnutrition theory seems to be the most substantive and legitimate. And what occurs before you start suffering this malnutrition from gluten intolerance? That’s right, celiac disease constipation. Constipation from Celiac Disease, in particular, results from the break down of villi which line your small intestine. This villi is critical for nutrient assimilation. So I hope you now see how constipation from celiac disease can lead to a kind of celiac depression.

DISCLAIMER: I do wish my blogging on this issue helps somebody reading this blog, but please note that I am not a medical professional so you should consult with your physician before taking any medical advice from the online world.

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