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How To Give Extra Care To Plants Which Are Grown For Competition?

When growing a certain number of plants for competition, it is necessary to give them extra care to forestall any irreparable damage to foliage or bud development. Additional feeding is desirable from the time the buds begin to form until they show color.

A friend has supplied me with chicken manure mixed with straw litter and with superphosphate added, which I have scattered around the plants, taking precautions, however, not to put it too close to the main stems. I also give two applications of some chemical fertilizer, such as 5-10-5, at the rate of a heaping teaspoonful around each plant, which I try to scatter just before a rain. I’ve also made an effort to use liquid manure but have found this a very tedious chore for so many plants.

With so many new types of chrysanthemums appearing every year and with many desirable old ones still untried, there is no limit to the possibilities for the chrysanthemum enthusiast. Like many other enthusiastic amateur growers, I am more interested in trying a considerable number of new varieties each year than in concentrating on a limited number of old favorites.

This procedure is, I am convinced, the best way to keep the interest of the amateur grower from lagging. Although the old varieties are like old friends that one can’t possibly get along without, most of the fun nevertheless comes from looking through the various catalogs and visiting chrysanthemum shows and large outdoor plantings for new suggestions and then trying them out for yourself.

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