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Lose Fat Quickly with Workouts for MMA: MMA Fighters Interval Weight Training Circuits


Today it’s my desire to reveal to you guys just how an Mixed Martial Arts MST Circuit (Modified Strongman Training) will help you to drop unwanted lbs in a rush.


This can be tough stuff, fantastic fun, and it melts excess body fat like completely fanatical, if that‘s what you want to actually do.


Additionally it will certainly enhance Strength Endurance, Lactic Acid Threshold and even Explosiveness to some point.


Nevertheless, just like I explained up there, with regard to turbo-charged body fat combusting there‘s pretty near nothing available as powerful as this sort of exercise session.

To lose fat quickly you’ll be hard put at finding anything more effective.


In the event that you‘ve never seen this before, you‘re in for some fun! It‘s about as different as they come.

Workouts for MMA are tough and efficient, challenging and full of variety …


Here‘s the notation with explanation:




A1: 3x Backwards Medicine Ball Caber Toss-Retrieve, 5x24s./10s.

A2: 3x Backwards Sled Drags, 5x24s./10s.

A3: 3x Prowler Sled Push, 5x24s./10s.

A4: 3x Farmers‘ Walks, 5x24s./10s.

A5: 3x Sandbag Lift, carry-repeat. 5x24s./180s.


B1: Reverse Hyper, 120s.TUT, 10s.

B2: VMO Sled-Drags, 120s.TUT.


C1-3: Abs: 3x Athletic Abs Tri-Set.


Okay, so here‘s how you can read it:


You perform 3-5 forceful reverse medicine ball throws, for distance, sprint to the ball and repeat. Then you got a few moments to pick up the sled straps and yank the bugger backwards fast, for precisely 24 seconds.


Then, turn around and propel that very same sled with the exact same load on it as speedily and far as possible for again 24 seconds.


Now snap up the Farmers‘ Walk Weights and transport rapidly for the exact same TUT (time under tension), invariably twenty-four seconds.


To complete the circuit, you pick up the quite heavy sandbag, rush for 10 meters, lower it, lift yet again and repeat for 3-4 carries or what ever you can do in another twenty-four seconds.


NOW it‘s your opportunity to recover for precisely three minutes, and up next we do it again for an additional pair of two giant sets of this exact nature.


Nevertheless there’s absolutely no break for the wicked, you‘re not finished at this point, even if you wish!


Because now you perform a back-breaking 2 minutes upon the reverse hyper SUPER SETTED with an unforgiving one hundred twenty seconds (that is correct, YET another 2 minutes! ;-) of Backwards Sled-Drags.



We wrap this up by way of three more sets of the Athletic Tri-Set, a workout that‘s tough to do even all on its’ own!


If you feel highly sick in the stomach following this, congratulations!


You undoubtedly performed well and hard and have absolutely reached the training objective: significant lactic acid levels.


It is exactly what you want, the reason being that it is precisely what sparks processes that reduce fat, aid in recuperation and injury restoration, as well as protect your lean mass from breakdown, read: it’s anti-catabolic!


All around really really good stuff, great!


OK folks, and this is how <a href=””>Workouts for MMA</a> will help to Lose Fat Quickly!








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