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Making your website work for you

Very much preparing a fine meal, SEO isn’t just about using the correct ingredients, but more about measuring the best proportions as well as mixing up the ingredients all together in the right way.

What are the constituents of any properly prepared web page?

Fundamentally, it comes down to:

1. The site structure

2. Word optimization

3. Back links

The site

Obviously, when going with search engine optimisation Melbourne instead of traditional advertising you have to have a web site. To be honest, you don’t just need any website. You’ll need a website with very good, suitable written content. The more articles you will have, usually the better. Search engines like Google like web pages publishing relevant, high quality articles, so having a site with unique, on-the-topic articles is a superb starting point.

On-site optimization

Your website shouldn’t only have helpful content for your visitors, it also must be Google friendly.


Having properly structured content is typically not sufficient. Why is that so? This is due to the way in which current search engines deliver the results. Pages are scored not simply based on their contents, but upon the amount and quality of inbound links pointing to them. Because you truly want your web site to do nicely on the internet you need to think about finding links.

Don’t forget that merely getting all the components will not make your site immediately blast off. You need to have all of the critical factors appropriately combined. This is one of the more essential justifications why it is best to seriously consider getting a expert look at your website. When you’ve got it completed, settle back and watch the results.

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