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You need airbrushing tan with no sun.

Basic Procedures to get a clean airbrushing tan Pre-Tan Prep

It’s advisable to take a good shower, make an effort to exfoliate, remove just as much body hair the last 24 to 8 hours before your airbrushing tan session begins. By doing this you’ll be ready. Remember, the skin should be very neat and dry before being sprayed. Remember to not apply any moisturizers, deodorants, oils, or makeup. We view new tanners that ruin their very first time by moisturizers and makeup. Its likely that it’ll negatively effect your airbrush tan procedure.

Please wear loose and simply cleaned clothing. Shoes or any loose fitting sandals for shoes. Some clients choose to wear nothing on the top however, be advised we require that you at least you wear bottoms for example bikini bottoms, thong and even denim shorts to produce your tan lines. You’ll need remove all contact and jewellery before being sprayed. Please bring towels on your car especially if you have nice leather or easily stainable seats. Yes, if it might rain, be smart and pack umbrella.


Wear loose fitting clothing for 8 hrs, while tan develops. Usually do not exercise, sweat or bath for 8 hrs, as the tan develops whether it is hot the AC is recommended. These 8 hours after your session, shower normally having a moisturizing body wash. Please not exfoliate or use abrasives a soft face cloth is recommended. You need your airbrushing tan to be as durable as you possibly can. A few of the color wash off inside shower is common this is color guide tint. In the end you possess a bronze tan develop inside skin. We recommend a rub dry, gently patting your skin layer dry. A few of our clients just wear a bikini or very easy to take out clothes.

This is actually the best advice: MOSTURIZE! We cannot stress this enough. If you undertake this day and night to keep your skin soft NOT dry. This may really extend lifespan of your airbrush tan for a lot of more days. Begin exfoliating whenever you feel that your tan is not comfortable to suit your needs about 7 days. In case you are coming for any edit begin exfoliating three days before and no sooner. In no time you’ll see the main advantages of airbrushing tans and exactly how they help you save from melanoma! for those who have any queries always inquire using your particular technician that applied your last tan.

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