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Deciding on a Fitting Bonsai Pot

For many bonsai lovers, the task of selecting a good bonsai container for the trees must be taken seriously. The word “bonsai” (meaning “tree in a pot”) shows the weight of the bonsai container in a bonsai. It is imperative to choose a bonsai training pot that suits well with the bonsai tree. Futhermore, a bonsai artist wants the right pot to cultivate his/her bonsai to its full potential. So, both the trees and the containers should be cautiously chosen.

Tips for selecting the size of a container are carried out by the height, width, and trunk diameter of the bonsai tree. Get a bonsai pot that has length about two-thirds the height of the bonsai tree. If the bonsai tree is wider than its height, use the width as your gauge for the size of the container. If one adheres to these rules, she/he will achieve proportional harmony between bonsai and pot.

Bonsai pots should be picked to complete with your bonsai tree. When bonsai lover is buying bonsai training pots, he/she will find that there are numerous colours and glazes available to pick from. Subdued colors are commonly picked for these will not compete with the beauty of the bonsai tree. Usually brightly colored glazed ceramic containers are used with blooming bonsai. Bonsai lovers can pick a tray base on the uncommon features of the bonsai plant. In this fashion, the bonsai tree and the bonsai tray should harmonize with each other.

In addition, bonsai enthusiasts should consider the shape of the bonsai tree when picking the bonsai pot. The style and shape of your bonsai can be well-presented by the selection of the right bonsai pot. Predominantly, trees of upright or slanting style fit rectangular, square, and oval trays, while trees of cascade and semi-cascade fit in deep, tall round or square pots.Overall, Square, rectangular, and oval bonsai containers match upright or slanting bonsai trees, while tall, deep square or round bonsai pots fit in cascade and semi-cascade trees.

The bonsai container you decide on for your bonsai is as important as the kind of bonsai tree you use and the pruning that you do. Getting the right pot for your plants can make a enormous difference to your bonsai. In addition, remember that no Japanese bonsai pot is permanent. Keep in mind that a tree will require to be repotted again and again, hence, providing bonsai artists all the opportunities to change to a better pot if he/she is not happy with the pot currently in use.

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