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Searching For Creative Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras were an invention of Fuji and Kodak in the mid 1980s. Disposable cameras are an inexpensive way to have access to capturing important moments on film. This is common among disposable cameras on the market. Disposable cameras are also called “single-use” or “one-time” cameras. Photo labs often have boxes of them under the counter, waiting to be recycled. Most of the models of single use units are fully automatic and come equipped with features such as rear monitor for viewing images, integrated flash unit and a self-timer.

In order to remove the roll of film from the disposable camera the housing must either be broken or a part of the housing must be removed after the removal of the cardboard covering. Currently, 70 percent of the total cameras purchased in the United States are recycled, making them the most recycled item today. This is similar to disposable underwater camera in many cases. You can even take some of them underwater.

Disposable digital cameras are falling to $20 or less in the retail market. Disposable digital cameras are the newest form of digital out their. For this reason if you take a couple pictures, you cannot go back and erase the first or second one. Some people consider this to be the same as benefits in most situations. Most models come with a rear monitor to view images.

Both the film disposable camera and the digital disposable camera are convenient and fun, but if you are looking for professional results or a variety of options, stick with the higher end film or digital cameras. Sometimes you don’t want to take an expensive camera on a trip for fear it will be stolen, you’ll leave it behind, or it might get broken — an alternative solution comes in the form of the less expensive but perfectly serviceable disposable camera.

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