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What is SEO in 2011?

SEO or search engine optimization is the technique of recovering the visibility of a web or a online page in hunt engines via the untreated or un-paid organic or algorithmic search results.

Basically in layman s terms it is receiving your website to the peak of search using the precise approaches that search engines like to see.

SEO Basics


The most important factor of Search optimization and becoming to the top of search engines is caliber content.

Content must be initial and wrote by yourself do not be tempted to copy other peoples content because your website will penalise you for this.

How do you find the right content for your site? Well that is easy write about something that you know about and are interested in,do your extra study and find out as much facts as viable about your niche.


Adding keywords to your sites pages and posts are also a very good for SEO.You should have relevant keywords in your websites title description and also in every page and post your writing, where do you find keywords? There are keyword tools to help you Google themselves have a great keyword tool and also other products that will help you opt for the right keywords for your website.

Getting Indexed by Search Engines

Getting your new website is easy to do all you need to do is submit it to search engines submission Google Yahoo and Bing all have their own submission services also there are webmaster tools to help you to get indexed use these tools they are very resourceful.

Back Links

Acquiring Quality back links is also a major factor in getting to the top of search engines,when I say quality that does not necessary mean high ranking back links,what it does mean is getting relevant back links to your niche,if you are writing about Montreal SEO it is no good getting back links from websites that write about oranges, you should be asking for SEO back links.

There are many ways to get germane back links to your site below are a few tips the very best them

1. Ask for them

2. Social bookmarking sites

3. Blog & Forum commenting

4. Writing Articles

5. Write a blog

6. Make a Squidoo lens

7. Classified Adverts

8. Montreal Internet Marketing

The list might be on without end but you get the broad notion.

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