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Too Cool for School – How Knitting Became Retro Funk

Have you noticed how old things are way cooler than new trends at the moment? Well, there’s a reason for that. Retro stuff doesn’t fall out of fashion. Old school stuff is groovier, it’s smarter and it’s got more style. Retro stuff is not so instantly replaceable, it doesn’t look like everything was made to make people look like an army of sexless sheep, and it does not fall to bits after you’ve owned it for a few months. People are starting to believe that old school is better.

In the last few years, the general quantity of cash in the normal English bank balance has dwindled alarmingly. As a rule, we simply are not able to afford to buy garments that either fall to bits or fall out of style practically before we’ve even got them home. More customers are purchasing old school, and even thinking about making their own clothes, than ever before. Why is this? Because when you make your own gear you know that it ought to last properly, that it is cost effective, and that it is also going to be as unique as they come.

Wool in Fashion

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Everyone wants to be cool. This is the basic purpose of fashion. Fashion is basically about getting hold of the latest thing because if you don’t then you aren’t individual. Now: what if you were able to knit the most awesome thing for yourself? What if the clothes that you thought were original, actually were, simply because you made them?

See, that’s what making your own stuff does. You automatically start doing old school, which is original simply because it is different from the run of the mill. So you end up with everlastingly awesome jumpers that are fashionable no matter what. The coolness, when you are knitting your original jumpers or whatever, is the plain fact: that it is you that is doing it. The whole thing is all about being original rather than plasticky and boring. Originality is the coolest thing of all. Originality is what everyone strives for when they attempt to make their own style. Homemade originality is the ultimate illustration of this: you are going to be the only person who has what you have made. And you will have splashed hardly any of your money on it either.

Finding Quality on the Web

The information sharing potential of the net reaches its highest expression when it allows surfers to research electricity price comparison before they purchase. Now you can learn what quality is genuinely worth.

On the net, the items you want cost as much as you want them to. What that means, basically, is that all bargaining strength rests with you. You decide what is trendy and what is not. You choose the price you are willing to pay for goods and what you will not. And the websites selling these things on the internet have to pay attention to you: because if they will not, you’re simply going to go somewhere else and buy there instead.

DIY does not necessarily always mean actually doing it yourself. You do not have to create everything you own rather than purchase it from some place else. But you can create the cost of the things you need.

The Shifting Internet

Let the new look web work in your favour. Check out this site and you should see exactly what we’ve been discussing.

See, this is the beauty of the web. It has altered – and with it, the way in which you buy things has changed. You get to define what’s hot and what’s not. You get to make a protest against all the overpriced stuff you find on the high street. If you do not like it – do not buy it. Pretty soon the only stores vending what you want will be delivering real quality, at the right price.

Take the new steps into a totally new world. Now is the time to stop complaining about all the boring rubbish and do something about it. Join the quality revolution and change your Internet!

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