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The Mini Fridge

Like any other appliance, a mini fridge can stop working, developing issues that require a plan of action. Because of the convenience the compact refrigerator offers, many individuals take them for granted, not knowing precisely how to handle it if the fridge develops issues. Here are some common issues that come with owning a compact refrigerator, together with some concepts to help alleviate the issues. For more info, visit: prices on mini fridge

Some compact refrigerators don’t have freezers, but the ones that do come in two different models, a one door and two-door design, just like a full-sized refrigerator. A two door fridge with a freezer keeps food colder longer than a one-door fridge, but in both cases the freezer space takes away from the actually refrigerator, and will not allow for a lot of food storage.

A compact refrigerator will not have a self-defrost feature, but DOES have a freezer compartment in the top of the fridge. This makes for a very thick layer of frost that may completely block access to the freezer. This may be remedied by unplugging and emptying the fridge briefly, permitting the frost and ice to melt. Wrapping an old blanket or towels around the base of the fridge will help in soaking up the leaking water.

The price of a compact refrigerator runs anywhere from 75 to 175 dollars, with the more expensive models being energy efficient. A fridge can be bought at stores like Lowes and Home Depot, or any store that sells appliances. Before making a purchase, read consumer reviews to find which compact refrigerator will work best for the impending situation and environment.

While trying to hide a mini fridge isn’t suggested, there are still some who will try to pull it off. Being aware of the dangers that could come with keeping an appliance in a small area is crucial, as well as knowing what to try and do when the fridge over-heats. In all, being safe is far more important than having additional snacks and drinks on hand, so think plans through before executing them.

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