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Real Estate SMS app from PleaseText.Me Launched

PleaseText.Me put a new and improved spin on their real estate sign rider technology. The most recent version has added some tweaks to the existing modules plus added some exciting additions to the analytics and tracking. The PleaseText.Me application already provides a control panel to manage a three-pronged sign rider that delivers information via either SMS/text message, QR code, or via a phone call. Added in this release is the ability to insert your own custom analytics scripts like Google Analytics. If you use similar scripts to track your “normal” website, this allows you to watch the QR traffic using that same tool. This eliminates the confusion of storing traffic data in two different locations.

The big  difference is that real estate SMS sign rider management has never been easier or more tightly integrated to other lead channels.  While any change meant updating a file, printing new copies and running cross-town to refill the plexiglass flyer box, PleaseText.Me enables these updates to occur in real time via any internet connection.  The QR codes offer a static URL to allow for the printing of permanent, high-quality signs, but the ability to dynamically update the destination URL at any time.

The voice, SMS, and QR code platform is being released on an invite-only basis to beta members now. Go toPleaseText.Me to apply for a beta account.

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