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Teens and Alcohol

Teens and Alcohol Don’t Mix

Teens and Alcohol do not make a good combination. It is not fun, doesn’t make you cool, and can actually damage your brain as well as your body. A teen’s brain is still not yet fully developed, and drinking alcohol, even in small doses, can cause irreparable damage, and lead to alcohol addiction.

Teen girls who drink are far more likely to get raped on a date than a sober teen, partly due to the fact that they often become so drunk that they pass out, or make decisions while intoxicated that they regret later.

Teens and alcohol are a deadly combination. There are many risks associated with drinking, especially in teenagers. Teens who drink are far more likely to die from alcohol poisoning, partly due to pressure from peers to continue drinking even after vomiting or passing out.

Teenagers are far more likely to get behind the wheel while drunk, in an attempt to avoid calling their parents, and many of these drive with friends who are drunk as well. There are thousands of teens who die each year in alcohol related accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2005 alone, 28% of the drivers 15-20 who were killed in auto accidents had been drinking.

Parents who let teens and alcohol mix are not setting a good example for their children, and are actually contributing to the problem. It is never a good idea to let your teen child drink at home, and never with you.

Any parent who thinks this way should not be allowed to raise children, and probably have some kind of drinking problem themselves. These parents should have to visit the morgue, to view teens who have been killed in car accidents or from alcohol poisoning, to get a wake up call.

If in any doubt it is always best to seek professional advice.

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