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Simple Night Photo Tips

Photos taken in nightlight are often more impressive and eye catching than daylight photos. However, night photography is not as easy at it seems and there are few factors that you really need to consider while photographing at night. For the best shots you must know some of the basic night photography tips.

First of all, be clear that the camera settings that you use to take photos in the daytime wont work as efficient in night photography. The natural lightning is different; therefore the settings of the camera have to be changed accordingly.

Natural lightning

In night photography lightning is very important! But it can be very tricky to select the right lightning for your photo shot. One of the basic night photography tips is that you need to use a longer exposure time for the night photos. This will allow as much natural light through to the photo as possible. As well, try managing your photo shoot when you see a clear sky with at least three fourth of the moon.


Flashlight is one of the most important factors in night photography. For an excellent night shot it is essential that you use a small flashlight, you don’t want the photo to be too flashy since it won’t give the same effect. With a small flashlight and the camera mode set to night scene you are set well to get an amazing night shot.


Tripod is almost necessary equipment that you should have while shooting night photography. It is essential because it will provide you the flexibility to acquire the angles that you prefer, while enabling your camera to be steady for those long exposures. Of course you will never want to ruin once in a lifetime photo shot just because of an unsteady hand.

Distance of the object

This too is one of the most important night photography tips. To get the best focus of your shot, you should be able to determine the right distance of the object from the lens. It is relatively difficult technicality to handle, but I am sure you will be able to manage it when you try taking shots of the subjects from different distances. Take several photos to evaluate the right distance. Initially it might come to you as silly but soon you will learn to determine the perfect distance from the subject that will lead to a perfect night light photo.

These few night photography tips are to make your photo look as good as done by any professional, just try taking more shots and practice will make you perfect!

Mark Knights is a hobby photographer and an internet marketer. He makes his living writing product reviews for digital cameras like Nikon Coolpix P100 Review, Nikon L110 Best Price and Nikon Coolpix L22.

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