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What can you learn online?

You can find millions of hours of videos online now, all you have to do is jump onto Youtube and you can be watching cats doing funny things all day long if you like, or you can watch your favorite shows which are put on there, or even start to learn things with tutorial videos. Does that mean all you need to do to learn a new skill like dancing or playing an instrument is to sit and watch videos online all day long? Well it isn’t quite that simple.

It really depends on both the complexity of what you want to learn, how good the instruction is online, and how well suited that skill is to being demonstrated on video. For instance, if you look at this Rocket piano review then you can see an online course that tries to teach you how to play the piano by giving your videos to watch, text files to read and also some software to teach you stuff. However, while you may learn the basics then if you don’t have someone giving you feedback then how can you know how well you are playing and if you are doing anything wrong?

Now compare that to learning juggling through online video (which I have) then the level of complexity is much less than playing the piano, so you don’t need feedback from a third party to know if you are doing it right. How to draw cartoons is something else you could learn quite easily from a video, or origami, even computer repair would be teachable online, but you will have to go offline for the more complex things.

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