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Charm Bracelets Have Made A Comeback

You have only to go to a jewelry store to know that charm bracelets, popular during the 1950s and again in the 1970s, have again made a comeback. Everyone from little girls, to teenagers, to older women enjoy this customized piece of jewelry. It allows them to make a classy statement regarding the things they enjoy in life.

The bracelet itself is comprised of links to which the charms are attached. The links may be round, square, or even unique shapes like hearts, knots, or varied size link clusters. In many cases, the bracelet itself is a work of art, featuring crystal accents and various patterns. It can be worn without any charms at all and will still draw compliments from observers. In this case, starting the collection of charms can be a slow process and the wearer will still have a pretty piece of jewelry.

Different kinds of metals are used to make this bracelet, including gold plate, sterling silver, 10-karat yellow gold, 14-karat yellow gold, and 14-karat white gold. The 14-karat white or yellow gold varieties are usually the most expensive. Some young girls and women prefer sterling silver to gold and this lowers the cost quite a bit. The sterling silver variety features a price point that makes it a nice gift for a friend or family member.

The clasp on the bracelet may be the traditional lobster style or it may be a toggle version. The lobster clasp involves a lever that is pulled back to open a loop into which a ring is placed. The toggle variety uses a ring and a long bar, with the bar being inserted into the ring to close the bracelet around the wrist. Some styles feature a screw-on or magnet clasp with a safety closure, providing extra security against falling off.

The bracelet width and size will vary and this allows the individual to customize the look in additional ways. The thinnest varieties have a 3.5mm width and these range up to a width of about 8mm. Bracelet length commonly ranges from seven to eight inches but shorter lengths may be found in children’s jewelry.

Charm bracelets make a statement whether they are made from sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, or are gold plated. The various lengths, widths, and styles provide ladies or young women with additional options when searching for their ideal look. The amount of customization choices is many and the decision regarding which charms to select is yet to come!

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