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Tungsten carbide wedding band looks for everybody: laser designs, precious gems, and rare metal inlays

These tungsten carbide diamond rings and styles inlaid with gold, carbon fiber and resin offer an exquisite yet toughness character to your ring. Carbon fiber and resin inlays are fashionable and can be made in different colors that would suit many individual tastes and characteristics. On the other hand, there are also sandblast effects that are made as an alternative to inlays. Regardless, whichever inlaid rings design is selected, they are perfect from an economical standpoint that is both durable and beautiful.

Make sure you buy the woman cross and fish tungsten ring without cobalt as to prevent any unsightly skin reactions. Check with the seller or read their tungsten rings FAQ before making any decision. To get a good idea of how resistant tungsten is, consider the fact that the metal is ten times harder than 18k gold, and four times harder than titanium. They are also right under diamonds in hardness, which sit at 10 on the Mohs scale, with this material sitting at a solid 9. They are so solid in fact, that if they somehow get stuck they must be removed by a professional — though this is extremely rare and is not something that most people would have to worry about in the least.

Tungsten wedding bands or christian wedding rings are made available in classic simple styles when they first emerged in the jewelry industry. A few years ago, the process of creating tungsten carbide rings requires some extensive technology due to the complex characteristics of the tungsten metal. Hence, fast forward a few years later, the technology has advanced significantly and has since allowed many possibilities of creating more complex tungsten ring designs. Tungsten carbide rings can now be made in simple and classic dome design to a more unique flat surface design with beveled edges. The creation of the tungsten jewelry can even be elevated to a new level of carved designs, colored rings and exquisite inlays.

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