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Turboflame Lighters

Turboflame is the UK’s leading brand in outdoors lighters, using 21st-century butane gas lighter technology to transform its lighters into multi-functional tools.

The Turboflame range of wind-resistant blowtorch lighters is designed to cope with extreme outdoor challenges as well as handling everyday tasks around the kitchen, house and garden.

In the home, for example, Turboflame lighters will just as readily caramelise a sugar topping as thaw a frozen lock while Turboflame work lighters are capable of welding soft metals and glass.

As they burn at any angle, including upside down, Turboflame refillable lighters can offer safe ignition for anything from outdoor barbecues to kitchen stoves and elegant table candles.

The Turboflame Soft Grip Multi Task Lighter can make light work of hard-to-reach places such as pilot lights while any other household task really is effortless with TurboFlame’s point-and-shoot flame that burns dead straight.

The Turboflame Original features a lock to facilitate short-term continuous burning as an effective mini blowtorch but its lock-on safety cap ensures secure travel and storage.

The Turboflame Turbo 2 boasts double-power jets of high-velocity blue flame that is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and craft workers and the great-value Turboflame Phoenix is an unbeatable all-weather outdoors lighter for camping and so many other uses.

Outdoors people may also be attracted to the discreet Turboflame Military Gx7 Lighter with its matt green soft rubber body but whose precision clean-burn flame does not spoil equipment by depositing black carbon.

Finally, the TurboFlame Arc Tabletop Lighter is the first designer household lighter to combine cutting-edge technology with a beautiful contemporary look.

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