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Jennifer Hudson is Weight Watchers Points Plus new celeb spokesperson

For those who have recently started a fresh weightloss process or undoubtedly are a chronic dieter, then there is a possibility you might have come across the new Weight Watchers advertisements for their Points Plus campaign. The company has appropriately i believe chosen Jennifer Hudson to become their new spokes person for their new PointsPlus Plan. Having experienced a transformation myself I have to confess that I am a sucker for any feel good story, and much more specifically an excellent weight loss story. Weight Watchers Points Plus and Jennifer Hudson are a great match!

Just before we look at the brand-new adjustments to the weight watchers program, I do believe we ought to first take a look at (blank) Jennifer Hudson’s body dimensions to assess her achievements.

For all her achievement in film and music Jennifer has battled to maintain a sound body weight. After her American Idol Accomplishment she has gone on to win Academy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors guild awards for her role in Dreamgirls.

Jennifer Hudson Body Measurements before Weight Watchers

Height: 5’9

Bodyweight: 170-180 (many different reports)

Dress Sizing: 16

Jennifer Hudson Body Measurements after Weight Watchers

Length: 5’9 (go figure)

Pounds: 130-140 (quite a bit less essential as how she looks)

Dress Size: 5 (amazing)

Exactly why has weight watchers dominated the weight loss scene since 1963 after they conducted the first community conference?

With over 750000 members in the united states alone, Weight Watchers is renowned for providing an open forum as well as secure atmosphere to its clients. I have actually gone to a weight watchers meeting once. I feel the get togethers are excellent. People go together with their friends, they create brand new ones, and lots of persons have success.

Weight Watchers is also extremely powerful at supplying a framework that can be easily comprehended. Using the point product is genuine genius and genuinely creates a hype. I often hear countless people in the supermarket asking each other, “Hey the quantity of points is this banana?” It is actually different and pretty much universal now.

Despite having such a great program in position people were having troubles sticking with the diet plan. Once they skipped a gathering here or there it was over! Just like every other weight-loss method weight watchers choose to pimp out their particular items to improve their income potential. You have seen the weight watchers products in the supermarket I’m sure. In my estimation they got a bit greedy.

Are all Calories Equal?

Weight watchers then started to see some flack because of their strong focus on calorie consumption for example. The old plan treated all calorie consumption as identical, regardless of their nutritional value. An apple and a little bag of pretzels were basically the same thing, but we all know our own bodies doesn’t process them the same. Clearly there was a problem with this, and good on weight watchers for addressing it.

Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan Winners

– low carbohydrate

– unprocessed food

– Fruit and Vegetables

– Indulging when life see’s fit

Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan Losers

– Bread

– Alcohol

– Fats (poor avocados) – still don’t realize that one….

– Sugar

The brand new Weight Watchers Point Plus Program: A Healthier Plan?

The previous weight watchers point system really rewarded low-calorie, high fiber, and low fat selections.

Low fat which has really changed our bodies composition as well as success of its clients.

Furthermore Weight Watchers currently allots forty nine discretionary points per week to expend on actual life rewarding yourself using your favored food on occasion as a long-term complying strategy.

While I am not big on counting calories, In my opinion this is a enormous step in the right track. I think this will be a great success this year.

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