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How to Build Trust and Get More Cha-Ching Using Voice Overs on Your Landing Pages

Your website is a useful tool for making sales in your sleep, but could it be making even more money for you during those twilight hours?

Every good marketer knows: The medium is the message.

When someone is reading your sales copy and about to make a purchase, all they really get from you socially perhaps is some cleverly written text that outlines the features and benefits that state why they should go ahead and take their credit card out of their wallet.

What if you could up the ante and reach those prospects on a heightened, more emotional level?

You can! By using voice overs.

Voice overs help to build trust and make an instant connection with the people who visit your website.

Adding a voice over isn’t just another bell or whistle to your website, you’ll be ingeniously employing another medium to help you communicate your internet marketing message, in this case, delivering your message using audio via your website.

By getting up close and personal at the point of sale, you’ve found another way to persuade prospective customers to buy, and as a bonus, have also given the world a better idea of who your company is through audio marketing, using the human voice to start a favorable relationship that is profitable and engaging.

A Final Tip

When it comes time to locate voice talent, you have lots of options.  However, there is one avenue you do not want to travel.  Do not work with an “ad agency”, you’ll end up paying 3x what you need to.  Work directly with the voice talent. 

The Internet has made it exceptionally easy to find top level voice talent.

Just head to or one of the other voice talent communities, listen to the voices and then get in touch with your top prospects directly.

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