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A Friend in Need – The Things That Can Help You Stay Mobile

New technology has developed a long way towards assisting people retain control of their mobility. There’s a choice of mobility aids for every sort of disability and a decent quantity and quality of literature to back them up. From scooters to bespoke car controls, there is a way to keep moving for everybody still lawfully allowed to use a motorised vehicle.

The law that deals with some of these vehicles is evolving. Previously, for example, electric scooter drivers were not asked to possess insurance. This has all changed. All users of motorised mobility vehicles are now going to be required to have an officially recognised insurance policy, just as drivers of all other road vehicles have to. As a result, it is important that mobility vehicle owners not only get good information on the kind of vehicles they ought to be driving to stay mobile: but what insurance is there to help them do that.

Hand Controls for Easy Driving

Thought about your existing saloon? Have a nose around at a car hand controls site and you’re going to realise that it can be put into service as a mobility aid too.

Putting hand controls on a car is easy – and it will give you the independence and dignity of carrying on with the use of your current motor. Hand controls can be tailored to a wide spectrum of disabilities and long term conditions, so you might not need to get rid of your existing transport at all. WEnsure that you find out whether hand controls are suitable for you before you consider replacing your current transport. In plenty of cases, you will find the controls lend you both the ability and self belief to continue driving: even when you thought it was no longer doable.

Once you have picked your hand controls, ensure that you contact your present insurer to tell them about the changes to your car. You ought to be able to stick with your current cover. If you find this hard, you will be able to take some online insurance cover.

Picking the Best Insurance for Your Mobility Scooter

Norwich union mobility scooter insurance is a full requirement for all mobility vehicle riders. Do you have any idea where to get the best insurance?

The way to do this, usually, is to look at mobility aid insurance in the same way that you would look at selecting any type of insurance. Initially, compile a list of your requirements to make sure that you don’t end up getting sold a policy that doesn’t really work for you. Also: use a premiums comparison website or trusted web gateway to help you whittle down your search.

Your mobility vehicle insurance is supposed to shield both you and others from damage sustained as a result of you using your machine. You have to get yourself insurance that shields you against the consequences of causing damage to another person’s property, and accidental harm to the public. You might also need to look at protecting yourself against mobility aid theft.

Getting the Right Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter lets you get around just as you are used to doing – without fretting and without having to rely on anyone else.

There is thankfully a fairly good selection on the market. Picking the right mobility aid can feel like a bit of a lottery unless you make sure that you know the kind of thing you are looking for before you start. The nature of your impairment will have a say in the final decision, of course. Aside from that, mind, you can allow yourself to be swayed as much by the stuff you would like to do as the things you are not able to do.

If you intend to employ your mobility vehicle for shopping excursions, you will need to ensure that you go for one that has plenty of area for stowing shopping bags. Never forget safety either. In a town centre environment you are likely to encounter a ton of pedestrian traffic: so wide mirror models and a hooter are imperative as well. For all scooters, you will want to choose according to the charge period and battery reliability also – there is no use buying one that is unable to make it to the high street and back.

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