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Promoting your van hire company on the net

If you’re thinking about promoting your van hire business on the Web, then this article will offer you a quick summary of what’s involved. Internet Marketing is a enormous subject – lots of books have already been written on the subject, and there are thousands of websites dedicated to it – it would be impossible to deal with everything in a single post, but I hope this quick overview will serve as a handy jumping-off point, to get you moving.

The first thing you need to advertise your van hire company on the web, is a good website. Well strictly speaking it is feasible to market on the web without a site – but usually it is sensible to have one. There are several different methods of creating a site for your van hire firm, dependent on your finances and skills. You can create one yourself using an HTML editor, if you have the skills, or are happy to learn. All the information you need is readily available online. That’s the most time-consuming approach, but also the cheapest. On the other hand, you could always hire a web-design business to do it all for you. That won’t take nearly so long – but will cost more. In the middle, you could use a product like or to create a site – they make it easy and are also free, or very affordable.

One important tip – set up an analytics program on your site so you can track the success of your online marketing efforts. Experienced Internet Marketers could not be without a decent analytics program on their web sites, so don’t sabotage your efforts with a newby mistake. There are very good analytics programs available free of charge – and they’re easy to deploy – so there’s no reason not to do it.

The initial step for many people is to send their web site to the best category on the Yahoo Directory. However this now costs $299 per year, and as it sends very little traffic nowadays (have you tried locating the Yahoo directory on their website) it may not be great value for many companies. Fortunately there are also free standard directories available, and it’s usually worth submitting to those. DMOZ is one of the most widely known, but since it’s operated by volunteers it usually takes an age to get in. Make sure that you submit your website to the correct category for the greatest probability of getting accepted.

If you can find directories that focus on van hire company then it’s always worth submitting your details to them – even if they charge money for a page (as vertical market directories generally do). It is generally worth paying though – since they should probably perform much better than the more general directories. One free van hire firm website that’s definitely worth considering is They do require complete information on your van hire business but it is well worth the work for the additional traffic they will send you.

One of the swiftest ways to get prospects to your website is utilizing Pay Per Click advertising systems like Google Adwords. These can literally be set up in a couple of minutes, and begin delivering customers immediately! Of course you should be careful and be sure you’re not spending too much – but as you only pay for individuals who click through to your site – not for people who see your advert but don’t click, it can certainly be an effective way to bring new customers. It’s vital to monitor your Pay Per Click campaigns carefully to ensure they’re profitable – so it’s great that you installed Analytics software already!

It’s great getting visitors to your site – but one of the most straightforward ways to get visitors is to remind people who visited in the past to come back and see what’s changed. Email is the way to achieve this – and for that you’ll want clients’ email addresses and their permission to send them email them when you’ve interesting things for them to look at. Use a service like MailChimp to set this up. You can even automate the whole process by producing a series of emails in advance and scheduling them to be sent out at standard intervals – without you having to do a thing.

Advertising your van hire firm on the internet is a huge subject – but I really hope the summary presented in this article has been helpful. If it’s prompted you to get going, then that’s fantastic – there’s lots more information available on the internet, so if you get started right now, you’ll be hearing from new customers very soon indeed.

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