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Doctors & Networking For Nonclinical Jobs

Can you avoid networking as it appears like work?  In a poor way?  

You realize you have to be networking to discover a job or produce a job – no matter what you are planning to do but especially if you are a business person.

Here’s the fundamental question you ought to think about  – when networking, do you take pleasure in it?  

Otherwise, you should.  That is probably the secrets of networking – it needs to be fun.  If you’re having a good time by it, chances are, you’re making a good impression on the person you are talking to and showing him/her your best self.

However , many folks have a lot of fun talking nonstop about themselves.  And in the event you talk no more than yourself, you’ll soon realize that isn’t the simplest way to network and definitely will not produce a good impression.  

So the next question for you is, have you ever contemplated networking as just helping someone?

Most of the doctors I work with inform me they are intimidated by networking.  They see profiles of individuals on Linked In or see individual’s title on a website and assume these individuals might have no desire for talking with them.  I’ve approached many doctors, chief medical officers, CEO’s, Vice Presidents, etc. and still have had a good 80%-90% return rate via an e-mail or call.   I encourage other doctors  to approach anyone they want to consult with and suggest they’ll go through the same return rate of response.

Why do I’ve this confidence?  I’m no actual distinct from anyone else – I don’t have a very fancy title or sales hype to get people to call me back.   A lot of the doctors I work with did more impressive things than I have. I’m no actual better or even more fun to be around than someone else (though I often wish I’d been that quick-witted person everyone always desires to speak to but I can’t tell a great joke to save lots of my life).   A Few Things I attempt to do is have a great time and find a way to help someone when i approach him/her.  I’ve found most successful individuals are prepared to consider the help of someone else and would also love the ability to aid somebody else.

A few years ago I read a novel concerning this.  At first I felt silly doing it and didn’t actually know how i could be able to help somebody who I wanted to aid me.  But it’s amazing how simply by uttering that sentence (“what can i do to aid you”), each other sees you differently than somebody that just wants something.  

And also the important thing is, you additionally begin to see things differently.  No longer are you in it for yourself.  You really want to help this other individual as well as in the process, you learn something about yourself and you also create a relationship.

And that is the key with networking, i believe.   It isn’t just work to get done and then forgotten about. It’s about building relationships.  

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi is that fantastic book I recently identified.   The novel is focused on networking through building relationships.  There really are a couple main reasons why you ought to read this book.  First off, it’s a very easy read.  Second of all, it seems sensible.  As an example, being authentic and genuine when speaking with people will help you think that networking is fun, not do the job.   The book also provides a ton of examples of how helping someone can help you develop a relationship with this individual.

It worked for me.  I help physicians find methods to diversify their careers – whether it be in non-clinical careers or simply just through enhancing their particular revenue in certain shape or form.   I do this because I wasn’t happy in my clinical career and eventually I found my way – but not without a large amount of missteps and confusion and need for sense of direction.   Every doctor I help teaches me something I will use to aid another doctor who works together with me.  I also work being a consultant to large employers in health promotion and wellness.  About 1 . 5 years ago I met an actuary and offered to aid him with a bit of medical claims analysis.  That lead to the $49,000 project with a bit of neat outcomes for the employer – a 2:1 return on their investment and a significant reduction in the medical risks (specifically hypertension) for their employee population.  

Within my next blog, I’ll talk a little more about methods for approaching people and helping them contributing to building a relationship in order to find/get do the job and also have fun- not only work – whenever you network.

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