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Investment Property in Australia

It is common for property investors to utilize off plan property investing. There are numerous pros and cons when utilizing this type of investment strategy. If you utilize off plan property investing when the apartment or home is in the beginning stage of building, you increase your potential to make great input into the layout and finish of your investment. You can literally change everything around such as colors, internal walls, bathrooms, fixtures, etc. You can customize your investment the same as if it were a self build but minus the extra fees involved in utilizing an architect.

If you purchase a property off plan, you are securing the price of the property at the current price. Once your investment is finished, you will find the value of your investment has grown almost immediately. Typically, developers require stage payments from investors throughout the entire building process. This allows the investor to avoid making one-time large payments and allows you to make more affordable payments over a period. This is great for investor’s budgets while securing the highest value possible for your investment.

Some investors never intend to live in their investments, espically for investment property Australia. Utilizing an off plan for your investment allows you to take advantage of the stage payments, which funds the building process of your investment. Most investors immediately place their investment on the market upon completion while taking out the profit from the increase in value the property has already achieved throughout the entire building process.
This can sometimes prove tricky as the property market fluctuates and there might be a buyer sitting there waiting for the right moment to buy. Some developers utilize private investors in funding a holiday accommodation by guaranteeing rental yields on completed properties for a fixed period.

This in theory allows developers to have an inflow of cash from the investors in order to afford the building process while having a set number of rental yields and profits. This process allows investors to be guaranteed income while owning a property that more times to none increases in value over what it actually cost them to build the investment property in the first place.

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