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Oriental Runner Rugs- 6 Key Factors For Oriental Runner Rugs

Oriental runner rugs can be a huge asset to any living space. With oriental runner rugs you can turn a drab hardwood floor or hallway area into elegant surroundings your friends will be impressed with. The key is detemining which oriental runner rugs are right for you and your home. There are 6 factors you must consider when purchasing your runner.

  1. Your Surroundings- As simple as it may sound, this is a complex factor when choosing oriental runner rugs and will more than likely be the best starting point in making your choice. A runner can cover a bare area that you feel needs a touch of color, highlight a piece of accent furniture such as a coffee or endtable, lead visitors through a stretch of hallway, or compliment an existing area rug. No home is the same, so take a close look at your surroundings and soak in the view of the room. Other factors might include matching existing furniture or window dressings.
  2. Color of Your Oriental Area Rugs- Many people over-complicate this aspect of choosing oriental runner rugs, but selecting the color or tones really is a simple decision. The key factor here is choosing the color you feel best suits the room and makes you happy. After all, you will be the one enjoying this rug the most, so pick the colors that you are most satisfied with. Many professional “home decorators” may disagree, but then again… they don’t have to live there!
  3. Oriental Runner Rugs Style- The same holds true for choosing the style of the oriental runner rugs. Just like your home, each runner is unique in its style and texture and only you can decide which one will make you happy in your home.
  4. Quality- Many decorators overlook this aspect in choosing oriental runner rugs in their struggle to find the “perfect” rug for their home. In their haste to match colors and textures, they forget about durability, fading and ease of cleaning. You want your rug to last and stand up to the traffic it will eventually undertake.
  5. Price- Price and quality generally go hand-in-hand when selecting oriental runner rugs. Unless you’re purchasing an antique rug, there should be a distinct balance between the runner’s price and its quality. Cheap is hardly ever the right route to take when making this decision, but be cautious of over-pricing as well. Browse around and competitive price shop before laying down a ton of cash on a rug that isn’t worth the price tag attatched to it!
  6. Size- Size also plays a major part in your selection. The best way to determine the size you will need is to simply take a tape measure and determine the width and length of the area you want to cover. Be sure to set guidelines for the size. For example, if the area you are covering can be no larger than 27 inches wide by 128 inches long, and all you can find are oriental runner rugs 27″x 118″, then you may have to settle for this length. To avoid this frustration, another option would be to find a place that will cut the rugs to your specific dimensions. This is always the best route when selecting the oriental runner rugs that are right for you.

Keeping these 6 key factors in mind, you are armed with the neccessary info to selecting the perfect oriental runner rugs for you. Take the time to research these variables and you’ll be more than ready to buy oriental runner rugs!


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