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Bull Fights Opposing An Azure Mediterranean

A very speedy journey due south from Malaga airport is the actual village of Mijas, with its whitewashed terrace homes and churches nestling 428 meters above sea level along the side of the Sierra de Mijas Mountain range surrounded by pine trees and open vistas of beautiful countryside. This traditional town Mijas Pueblo gazes down on the coastal area of Mijas Costa and Las Lagunas, which together compose the Mijas municipality which has become an international tourist location and expatriate home since being featured from the motion picture called Fathom.

The gorgeous location is midway between Malaga and Marbella, sitting between Benalmadena and Fuengirola. la cala are of a magnificent level here, whether or not the location is set within the hills overlooking the Mediterranean azure sea or along on the banks of Mijas Costa. Apartment rental is located in this little heaven but the bulk of the apartments in this area are available either further north in Torremolinos or in Fuengirola.

Local area artists utilize this traditional backdrop to produce some of the very best artwork and pottery for sale across the Costa del Sol. This mixture of spectacular scenery vantage points termed ‘miradors’, clustered buildings, terracotta roof tiles, old stone walls, decorative hedges and curly black iron rail wall fixtures everywhere is undoubtedly an artist’s dream. The excellent climate throughout the year, along with the quality of the sea water, makes Mijas a recommended destination for individuals who are searching for a spot which enables them to take pleasure in the coastline without missing out on the attractions tucked quietly away in the hillsides of Malaga.

Notwithstanding Mijas’ large reputation with an international mix of holiday-makers and expats of greater than 60 nationalities, Mijas Pueblo has somehow was able to maintain most of its traditional Andalucía outlook on life, the locals showcasing their unabashed enthusiasm for all those things joyful and an unmistakably tranquil ‘mañana’ perspective on things that can be postponed for another day. A similar ‘mañana’ attitude can be found when navigating around Mijas too, either on foot or utilizing the local ‘burro taxi’ or horse and carriage. The village is barely around twelve to fifteen minutes’ walk from east to west and was built to cater for donkeys and horses as a method to getting around with narrow streets and lots of steps which can present you with a workout.

Mijas showcases prettiest and littlest bull rings in Spain with both weekly bull fights and equestrian shows for anyone willing to watch this type of spectacle. Churches to note include the Virgen de la Pena, San Sebastian as well as the church of Immaculate Conception. The Immaculate Conception dates back to mid-1500 inside the lands of what was once a Moorish castle that’s outer walls are adorned with blossoms all through the year. Visitors have the chance to look at Frescos of the Apostles here too dating back to the 1600’s and in the town square features a weekly display of Flamenco dancing abundant with radiant action and festivity specifically for the holidaymakers to Mijas.

The easiest way to experience Mijas could be to stay within the many traditionally designed magnificent Calahonda rentals, in Mijas Costa, Mijas Pueblo or Las Lagunas. This author has over 100 such villas in Mijas, so follow either links at your leisure.

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