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What is the difference between infrared sauna and dry sauna?

When you buy a home infrared sauna, you can choose either an indoor or outdoor model. You should make a decision on the model before you shop and buy. The models for indoors /outdoors vary, so make that decision before you are ready to purchase. I would suggest if you re in doubt regarding indoors or outdoors, look at the different models and what is required to install both and the footprint both types of models would require. Just knowing the difference between the two might help make up your mind for how you want to enjoy your new corner sauna . Indoor sauna has their merits as do the outdoor models.

Your decision will be important since the construction of an indoor home infrared sauna is different from an outdoor model. The indoor sauna model is designed more with the exterior finish in mind to blend in with the appointments in the room where the sauna will be used. The outdoor model will provide stronger construction to provide the necessary longevity to withstand the outdoor elements. Consider an outdoor home infrared sauna has a roof to prevent water from leaking inside the sauna during rains. Outdoor saunas construction for the outdoors will have reinforced joints to withstand heavy wind and driving rains. The inside construction, likewise, is heavily protected against any leaks to protect the electrical installation.

After all your considerations of what you want from your new sauna and how you want to enjoy it, you have finally decided on the outdoor model sauna, make sure that it is fully certified for safety and quality standards. Another very important consideration for the outdoor sauna model, selecting an area that is somewhat elevated where there is no possibility of flooding during some unexpected storms. If your yard area is an area that continually floods during heavy rains, then you will have to construct a base or foundation support to raise the sauna off the ground… This will prevent water from reaching your outdoor sauna. Unlike in an indoor infrared sauna that has a more simple installation with just a simple plug into a 110 outlet, the outdoor sauna will require a profession electrician for the proper power outlet installation so you can enjoy your new outdoor infrared sauna with peace of mind that it has been installed properly.

I would advise, however, that if you have ample space in your home to buy an indoor type of infrared home sauna. No matter what Mother Nature might bring to your area you won’t loose one day of use do to the weather, or just not having the desire to walk outside in the rain or snow or blizzard to get to your sauna.

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