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Before You Buy Shower Curtains and Rods

Here are some options when you are next buying shower curtains and rods for your next bathroom renovation. make no mistake, your options are enormous and I will list but a few here to help you on your way.

There are many curtains on the market with a country theme. Once you have your country shower curtain picked out, you can bring the scene to life with a pine-scented air freshener, some woodsy sound effects or bluegrass music playing over the speakers, and a nice, tall potted plant or two. You won’t know whether you’re in your bathroom or in upstate Maine!

There are all kinds of lovely images shower curtains can display: picturesque views of the ocean complete with proud sailboats drifting by; elegant striped patterns in tasteful, muted colors, and…monkeys? Yes, let us pay tribute here to the ever-popular monkey shower curtain. If you don’t have a monkey shower curtain, if you think the very idea is a little bananas, you might not be aware of what you’re missing.

A double shower curtain rod is exactly what the name implies: twin shower rods, one to hang the shower curtain on, and a second on which to hang whatever you like. You can hang your laundry on there to dry, or the small rug in your bathroom when you want to wash the floor. A corner shower curtain rod is a curved piece of equipment that will extend from one bathroom wall to the middle of another wall, as opposed to a regular curtain rod, which of course runs in a straight line from one wall to another.

Hopefully you have enough info to make an informed decision. If you require more reading head over to

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