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Sean Murphy Lectures About Conscious Capitalism and How To Unleash Your Life with Love, Compassion and Purpose

Sean Murphy Writes About Spiritual Capitalism and how to Infuse your Life with Compassion, Cooperation and Purpose

Sean Murphy recently built a new web site at He has been involved in the development of many websites over the past five years including Vidli and VideoPros. His mission with conscious business is to cooperate with others to create more compassion in business.

An update of business focused only on the pursuit of financial profits to one focused on higher standards like integrity and serving all people involved with the business including employees, suppliers, customers, investors, the community, and the globe is called conscious capitalism. Conscious Capitalism, also known as Spiritual Capitalism, embodies the pursuit of a higher agenda than just business as usual. Conscious Capitalism assumes that the basics of capitalism must change world businesses and organizations are going to be successful.

Sean Murphy is a celebrated keynote gen y speaker for many topics about generation y and social responsibility. He writes and speaks around the globe for big audiences. His endearing personality has become appreciated by groups around the world. Some of Sean’s favorites themes are how society is shifting from material consciousness to ethical consciousness and how love is the change agent for amazing transformation.

If you’d like to learn more about Sean Murphy, please go to his web site at

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