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Can You Make Money with Home Based Businesses?

The answer to this question is a definite YES! I have lots of business associates in the USA, Europe, Australasia and New Zealand who are working in home based businesses and making good money each month. In fact the woman who introduced me to my new business is only 25 years of age and she made over $500,000 in her first 12 months of her business.

I am now duplicating her results, but please read on and you will learn about what I have achieved and experienced in three very different situations and how in the end I succeeded in taking control of my life.

My Traditional Business Experience

I used to own and manage a very lucrative and high-profile restaurant and bar in Brisbane, Queensland for a period of over 12 years. I started it from scratch and like most traditional businesses it was really expensive to set up and the running costs were huge.

Although I made a lot of money with this venture, I finally decided to sell it when I came to realise that the long hours and constant stress of managing over 30 employees, dealing with various government officials, endless paper work and hundreds of customers per week was ruining destroying my life.

You can become rich with a standard business but you will need to be extremely committed as you won’t be able to walk out and close the door anytime you want.

There will be lots of work to do and deadlines to meet, customers to service and more than likely, staff to hire and manage unless you want to do all the work yourself. The hours are generally very long and in most cases the business can end up taking over your life. Another point to consider is that you’ll be on your own to work things out and solve any problems as they arise.

My Job Experience

After selling the business, I decided that a job would be a better alternative to being in business so I set about finding one and little did I know what I was in for!

I spent 8 hours a day scouring the employment classifieds, networking, perfecting my resume and attending interviews for jobs I didn’t even want. I felt undervalued and demoralised and almost gave up hope before I finally landed a job with a company as an Events Manager.

All good you might well think, but unfortunately this was not the case as now I was into something that would cost me 12 hours of my time, 5 days a week as I got dressed up for work, traveled to and from work and actually did the work. I was working under considerable stress and was totally stressed out by having to answer to a boss and co-ordinate every single element of each event from travel and accommodation arrangements, key note speakers, entertainment and right down to sorting out what type of lettuce should go on the dinner plates of the attendees. What a nightmare! But the thing that irked me the most was that I was doing all of this to make my boss richer while I had to settle for a small pay packet at the end of each week. JOB = Just over broke.

My Home Business Experience

As you might have guessed, I didn’t stay in my job as an Event Manager for long. I had spent 7 months of my life trying to find the right job and after only 1 month I resigned.

I had no idea what to try next but I was determined to find something that would tick ALL the boxes for me and knew that I first needed to get very clear about what I really wanted.

I did not want to:

Own and manage a stressful, traditional type of business

Outlay a lot of money to get started in a new business

Answer to a boss and have to beg for time off work

I did want to

Earn a lot of money

Work from home

Take control of my future

With the above in mind, I spent the next couple of months researching my options until I was eventually attracted to an advertisement (placed by a 25 year old lady) about a home based business opportunity. I must admit that I was pretty hesitant to begin with but I decided I had nothing to lose by finding out more so I answered the ad and within 1 week I was up and running with my very own home based business.

On my best day so far, I earned five thousand dollars but what I really love about my home business most is that I actually took back control of my own life. I now work the hours I choose, from the comfort of home or anywhere I like really with my laptop and phone. I don’t have to juggle and manage staff anymore and gone is all the stress. I fit my work around my life, generally about 25 hours per week and I absolutely love what I do.

It’s not for everyone however and if you are considering getting started in a home business you should ask yourself the following important questions:

1. Is the business aligned with your income and lifestyle goals?

2. Do you have some money and time to invest into the business?

3. Can you work diligently as your own boss and without supervision?

4. Will there be anyone to help or guide you if you get stuck along the way?

Yes! You can make money with home based businesses. Lots of money!

Christine Hamilton is currently making money in with home based businesses. For more information about what she is actually doing, click work at home BSCH110509 Supported by sales training Australia.

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