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Flame Retardant Notice boards

Do you comply with public area building regulations?
In accordance with EN 13501-1 (2002), are the materials used within your stair areas and walkways compliant?

wall mounted bulletin boards are commonly used in public buildings as a simple and convenient way, communicating and conveying information in libraries, offices, schools and receptions. Hospitals, universities and colleges are all common places that you find noticeboards are necessary.

Why consider a fire resistant notice board?

Health and safety legislation continues to get ever tighter for public buildings. Public buildings fall under the requirements of the ‘Buildings and Fire Precautions Legislation’. They have to meet specific standards relating to the means of escape in the event of a fire. Included in this legislation is the use of fire doors and fire resistant building materials in order to have an effective fire prevention management strategy.

Notice boards are often located in corridors of public buildings, but in the event of a fire, open notice boards with lots of paper and notices attached can drastically reduce the protection offered by surrounding fire resistant building materials. So health and safety demands that these public buildings such as universities and colleges follow strict rules regarding notice boards.

To follow the legislation open type notice boards with loose paper sheets are simply against the law. The paper could easily be ignited in the stair enclosure that would then affect the means of escape. Therefore dead-end corridors and protected stairways must comply with class 0 requirements. Where the risk of fire is high, all noticeboards must be class 0.

How can you balance the legal specifications with the need to display information in public corridors?

Felt woven Fire retardant noticeboards are the solution to complying fully with fire regulations. The highest standard fire rated fabric is used and all showcases have lockable doors for added security. A fire resistant notice board allows you to easily display your information but still be fully compliant with the current legislation.

When tested to the relevant 2002 European ‘Reaction to Fire’ tests, our notice boards were classified B-SI, d0 according to BS-EN 13501-1. This classification identifies that this product can be used in the same areas as products tested to BS476 Parts 6 and 7 and classified as class 0 according to UK building regulations.

If you are serious about fire safety but need to display information safely in public areas, then buy the very best in fire resistant noticeboards from POD Information Displays.

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