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Platinum wedding rings for couples : the supreme style

Fancy platinum engagement rings are quiet in vogue nowadays. This rage has been further fuelled by the fact that many celebrities wear fancy gold and platinum wedding band. Fancy platinum engagement rings are very expensive and hence they are mostly bought by the rich and the famous. Most jewelry stores that sell fancy platinum wedding rings do not put them on open display for security reasons. These fancy rings are kept locked up in vaults and are brought out only when customers specifically ask for them. Since these are not publicly displayed, most jewelers selling fancy platinum wedding rings produce catalogues which show the different kinds of fancy rings available in their stores. Other than jeweler stores, fancy platinum wedding rings can be bought from jewelry auctions and exhibitions. Many high profile jewelry stores sponsor these auctions and exhibitions to increase the sale of their stock of fancy rings.

Some people are allergic to gold and other precious metals. Pure and good quality platinum wedding rings are not known to cause allergies. Platinum is commonly alloyed with iridium or ruthenium to make up the other 5 to 10% of the ring. As either of these alloys are also metals in the platinum metal group, platinum is hypoallergenic and ideal for people with sensitive skin. Good quality platinum and gold wedding band dent or scratch lesser than rings made of gold or other metals. If ever a platinum wedding ring develops scratches over it, the user must realize that the scratch is merely a displacement of the metal and none of its volume is lost. Most platinum jewelry develops a natural patina or matte effect over time. This can be corrected by having the ring polished by a qualified jeweler.

It is important to note that what may seem fancy and unique to one person may look ugly or bizarre to another. Besides, fashion trends are constantly in a state of flux and what is considered as “fancy” today may become commonplace in a few years. Therefore, it is advisable for couples to think twice before spending a fortune on fancy platinum rings.

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