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Why the Aprilaire 2200 Air Cleaner is Still Around

First introduced in 1973, the Aprilaire 2200 High Efficiency Media Air Cleaner has been helping people purify the air they breathe in their home for many years.During that time, there were few changes to the overall design because it worked so well. They did change the color from robin egg blue to an almond color in 1985, but this didn’t effect the overall quality of the aprilaire 2200 filter. This is typical of aprilaire 2200 usually. In fact, you can still see many of the robin blue colored air cleaners – which shows their quality and reliability.

A new model – the Aprilaire 2210 – was introduced in 2008, but many are still happy with their aprilaire 2200 filters.You can still get parts for your Aprilaire 2200 – no matter the color – if you know where to look. This shouldn’t be confused with a aprilaire 2200 filter in most cases. If you do have the older Aprilaire 2200 model air cleaner, it might be a good idea to get some extra parts while they’re easy to purchase – especially the great filters.

Many people who try the Aprilaire 2200 High Efficiency Media Air Cleaner become hooked, sticking with the brand for years and years. Unlike most aprilaire 2200 filters commonly found. Since the Aprilaire 2200 first appeared in 1973, many have fallen in love with how well it works.

The Aprilaire 2200 is sure to please those who want to purify their air. While other air cleaners exist, few have the track record of the Aprilaire 2200. The Aprilaire 2200 can give you clean air for years to come.

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