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Contemplating purchasing an English bulldog? Should it be a female or a male?

There are pros and cons either way when it comes to deciding whether a male or female is the better choice for you. The best way to establish the answer is to assess your goals and objectives and to clarify the environment in which you will be keeping the dog.

My opinion based on my professional standing as a breeder of bulldogs, is that just about every bulldog has a wonderful personality. These dogs tend to love people. They are almost all very friendly. If you have an intruder, do not think that your bulldog will make any move to do something about it, but your dog just might wag his tale and give the intruder a lick. When it comes to their personality, the majority of bulldogs will have a very mellow attitude and they will love being around people. You should not anticipate a huge difference between the sexes when it comes to this gentle personality trait.

The actual physique or build of a bulldog will usually vary between the males and females. Generally speaking, male dogs will have a bigger head, its shoulders and chest will usually be wider and it will have a larger ribcage as well. The female dog will still be rather big boned, but it will be considerable smaller and more slender than its male counterpart. Of course, this is all just a generalization. There will always be exceptions among the breed. If you want a bulldog that is large boned and has a huge rib cage and big head, then in all likelihood your choice will probably be for getting a male bulldog. You can consider this as being similar to a country drive. When you notice a bull meandering in the field, there is no doubt that it is a bull and it is obvious even as you are speeding down the highway. You certainly will not need to inspect the animal for its male parts. It should be quite obvious to the casual observer even while driving along. This same analogy is true when considering a bulldog.

If spaying or neutering your bulldog puppy is in your plans, then you will certainly not need to concern yourself with a male trying to mark its territory or having the female spotting in the house a couple of times each year. Many bulldog owners definitely will not desire to take on the burden of taking care of a litter of bulldog puppies. If you know that you will not want to breed your dog, taking this measure will avoid a lot of messy cleanup duty. It can also help to improve the health of your puppy.

When you decide to shop for a puppy, be sure that you look for your bulldog from a breeder who is known to be reputable and who has a record of consistently producing high quality bulldog puppies. There are a lot of different breeders available, however not many of them actually produce the thick boned and wrinkly puppy on a regular basis. Be sure to take plenty of time and find just the right puppy for you and your family, after all, it is a pet that will be with you for a long time. Get a wonderful dog and you will never regret it.

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