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3d Monitor Products Can Turn Out To Be A New Trend Of Electronic Digital Products

As the new emerging product in the computer system market, the integrated machine has got the large difference from the appearance from your traditional computer help. However, there aren’t many differences between them two from the stage that characteristics and gratification. Therefore, the function of touch screen is added to the newest product making it more attractive. Actually, the touchscreen technology isn’t welcomed by people, because it doesn’t hold the related software to aid the technology. The 3D technique has end up being the newest feature in the integrated machine. If the 3D display can replace the touchscreen technology technique or otherwise not becomes the recent question nowadays.

The integrated machine is similar using the traditional computer help. The folding function of the integrated machine has implemented by the cool product, nevertheless its moving characteristic cannot match with a laptop computer. Therefore, the touch screen is thought to be the main advantage of the newest product. But some below reasons allow it to be not welcomed by people. Firstly, the touchscreen lets an individual lose the chance to find out typing; secondly, it which supports the technology is rare; thirdly, the technique is likely to make influence for the eyes of user. windows 7 touch screen

The touch screen technique can not attract the customer to buy a built-in machine; therefore, offering the newest strategy to attract the buyer becomes the main objective from the integrated machine manufacturers. Recently, the 3D films are welcomed by people, which also attract the developers. The 3D screen can be the solution; therefore, manufacturers are attempting to develop the technology. Moreover, the expense of 3D display is low for your integrated machine.

The price of graphics card just isn’t increasing, while the display of 120Hz is need. The cost 120Hz display only need several hundred US dollar. Adding while using 3D glasses, the charge is not going to exceed 2 hundred US dollar. With the introduction of technology, the price of 3D display will decline later on. The 3D may become the brand new development direction, that will replace the touchscreen display. The related integrated circuit is UTX105.

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