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Baby shower favors tips

Baby shower favors are a wonderful tradition that allows the guests to carry a bit of ‘baby magic’ back home with them. It is a great way for the guests to remember the shower and share in the joy of a new life. And there are plenty of great ideas for party gifts. As far as the hostess and expectant mother are concerned, favors are an excellent way to show gratitude for the guests’ time and support.

It would seem that you should always give out favors at baby showers. However, this is not necessarily the case.

In some regions, it is not considered necessary to give out these little gifts to guests. The reasoning seems to be that the guests are here to shower love and support on the expectant mother and they do not really expect anything in return.

If that is the case in your area, you can avoid giving out favors. On the other hand, in some localities baby shower favors are considered to be a necessary acknowledgement of the support shown by the guests to the mother-to-be. A guest who gifts a wonderful diaper gift basket may well be pleased to receive a little memento of the shower she attended!

What if you are new to the area and are not aware of the local tradition in this regard? If you have attended showers locally, you probably know what the accepted practice is. Alternatively, just call a few close friends who are residents in the area or are otherwise familiar with the local practices to find out what is generally expected.

What should you give as favors? This depends on your budget as well as what the guests tend to like. Again, attending a few local showers can give you clues about what favors to give. Choose something that will reflect the gifts, the great tips on parenting (check out these articles on raising children) and more the guests shower on the mom-to-be!

In the meanwhile, there is no dearth of ideas for cute favors. Some examples include small bunnies, scented candles, colored almonds, ducky-shaped soaps, plastic sleeping babies, potpourri satchels, baby themed candles beautifully wrapped in tulle and lots more.

You can get excellent selections of baby shower favors at local stores as well as online. If you are the hostess, consult the mom-to-be and take her wishes into account when selecting favors. And be sure to choose something the guests will love!

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