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Online IRS W-2 Tax Forms

Did you know that there are services available to you as an employer to upload, print and send W2 forms to your employees? Online IRS W-2 tax forms can be imported into online tax software.

These services enable you to file up to 20 W2’s at a time. You will enter the information for each employee into the form provided, electronically submit it to the social security administration, then print the forms for you to mail to your employees or send them electronically to your employees. Online W-2 tax forms can save a lot of time.

The social security administration also has the option for you to verify your employee’s social security numbers and names, which can save you a lot of time and energy as well as money.

Why should you file Online?

Submitting the information is free, fast and secure. It also gives you an extended deadline for filing your wage report; electronic filers have until the end of March instead of the end of February. You will also receive immediate receipt that you have electronically filed your wage report. Remember it’s free and easy!

Electronically filing your wage statement (W2) is beneficial to your employees as well. If you send your employees their W2’s electronically they will receive it much faster than a paper copy in the mail, most people are anxious to file their taxes as soon as possible to receive their refund.

The SSA also offers step-by-step instructions for an employer to electronically file their W2’s for their employees.

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