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Blog – Why Have One?

One man’s blog can be a source of immense entertainment and income at the same time. However you might be thinking “Why not have a website instead? Which should I choose?” To address this question let’s examine the important characteristics of both.

1. Expense

A decent looking website is not free. Even if the designing is free, there will still be yearly hosting fees which will amount to $10 – $20 at the very lowest, and likely much more. A blog on the other hand can be completely free, including hosting.

2. Setting up

Creating a website is difficult if not impossible for those who lack the necessary skills; and even given the proper expertise, it can take a long while to complete the task. But anyone can quickly create a blog. The process is usually menu driven; and its planned in such a way as to make it easy for those without technical knowledge. One mans blog can be set up in less than 30 minutes by a person who has zero technical savvy, but still be as good as any website.

A first-class website can require as much as a month to make “live”. But a half hour (or less) is all it takes to go “live” with a blog!

3. Monetization

A website can be an excellent source of income as a stage for selling various services or products. You can do likewise with a blog, and just as well provided it is marketed well. Any one man’s blog will compare favorably with a website of comparable quality.

4. Aesthetics

Websites can have a great many cool effects like videos, audios, and animation. Your blog spot on the other hand might not have the capacity to display all of the same effects, though it has enough to appeal to visitors. Thus one man’s blog spot may be less good looking, but never less effective.

5. Manning and marketing

A blog can have fresh content added on an ongoing schedule. It is easy to see why blogging can be more effective at generating Web traffic as opposed to a website given equal effort. It’s easier to add comments, news, and articles to a blog than to a website.

So you might say a blog promotes itself, because every time new content is added the search engines will index it again. In comparison promoting a website needs a greater investment in time to attract visitors.

It looks like blogging is a good idea even for those who have professional websites up and running|Blocking is definitely worthwhile even if you already have professional websites|Whether or not you already have a website blogging is a worthwhile|Even for those who already have websites blogging is a great addition|Regardless of whether or not you already have a website, it’s definitely worthwhile to put up a blog|But what if you already have a website? It’s still very worthwhile to create a blog|To create a blog is a sensible thing to do even if you already have a website}. It’s a frequent occurrence to find a website supported by blogs that are in place with the specific intention of directing traffic to the website.

Also blogging can be lots of fun because you can share pictures, jokes, fun videos and such stuff with others for free. A lot of people who started with a website gradually changed over to blogging because it’s undemanding, free, and can be updated continuously.

So the real issue is not “Why have a blog?” but “Why not have a blog?” With so many benefits why would you not take advantage of blogging.

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