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Walking as a Way to Get Fit

Are you looking for an easy way to begin an exercise program? Try walking. This is one of the best ways to begin a fitness program. It will work for almost anyone. It is as simple as putting a comfortable pair of shoes and heading out the door or for the treadmill. It you are a person that has not exercised a long time, walking should be your first choice. You can be comfortable for many hours in the workplace with Dansko shoes.

Walking can be done in a group or if you prefer using the time to think, it can be alone. This activity has many benefits. I know people that have lost many pounds through daily walking. There are also a great number of people that do it to keep their heart healthy. Those are the physical benefits. Also feel that walking has mental benefits as well.

If you are not exercising at all, beginning with a 20 minute walks 3 times a week will get you on your way to becoming healthier. You will want to increase this gradually to about 45 minutes a day 5 times a week. You should also begin a strength training program of your choosing. It is important when you are losing weight not to lose muscle. It is the muscle that allows you to burn calories while at rest.

Walking is one of the easiest things you can do to benefit your health. A good pair of walking shoes is the only thing that is required. Parks are a great place to walk. Not only do you get exercise from walking, but parks and other scenic areas can be a great way to decompress from the stress that seems to part of most people’s daily lives.

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